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LED Signs

Vibrant and eye-catching, LED signs are the perfect way to inform customers that your establishment is open for business. Often used in restaurants and bars, our LED signs can be seen from far away and attract customers to your business.

Our LED signs are often used by churches and schools, whose messages change daily or weekly and have longer text. LED signs can even display an image!

Read through some advantages of using an LED sign, and don’t forget to view our Rates page to see how much a rental would cost. We proudly serve the Buffalo, NY area!

Benefits of LED Signs

Reliable and bright, LED signs have progressed beyond being simply flashy. Professionals embrace LED signs for their numerous benefits:

– Low maintenance

– Easy to read

– Customizable

– Can be used indoors or outdoors

– Instantly changeable

Take advantage of these many benefits by purchasing an LED sign from Arrow Portable Signs today. Call us to get started!